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Ilias Bougoudis Combining numerical models and machine learning to study the evolution of the Salish Sea Spatial domain of the SalishSeaCast model. In particular, I am seeking to use SalishSeaCast outputs to predict how the physics, chemistry and ecology of the Salish Sea will change in the future. To identify potential dominant drivers of key ecosystem […]

Grace Watts I’m looking at circulation and dispersion at depth in the Strait of Georgia with neutrally buoyant expendable drifters.

Cassidy Donaldson I am studying freshwater from small and medium river sources in the Salish Sea using SalishSeaCast, a 3D numerical ocean model. I aim to evaluate the model’s performance for a set of river plumes, then use the model to investigate the influence of riverine freshwater and identify physical regions of salinity and temperature. Characterizing […]