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Leah Cicon I’ve developed a risk prediction system for rogue waves based on output from a routine wave forecast.

Susan Allen I am a physical oceanographer with skills in fluid mechanics including scaling, analytics, laboratory and numerical modeling. My areas of application include coastal oceanography, mesoscale meteorology and biogeochemical-physical interactions in the ocean. My largest scholarly contributions have been to 1) understand flow over and around topography; particularly canyons, and the resulting impacts on […]

Stephanie Waterman My research aims to advance our understanding of ocean mixing:  To do so we are: 1. Pioneering the use of a robotic ocean observing platform (an ‚”ocean glider”) that provides near-continuous, sustained measurements of ocean turbulence and delivers unprecedented views of the ocean mixing environment;  2. Exploiting turbulence parameterizations to infer mixing rates […]

Philippe Tortell My research interests include: Supervised Students

Michael Bostock My research over the past few years has been directed toward two important issues in Solid Earth Science: i) the structure and dynamics of subduction zones; and ii) the formation and evolution of the first continental landmasses. I have addressed these topics using the tools of seismology, and have invested considerable effort in […]