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Kate Schuler My research makes use of high-resolution shipboard measurements of climate active gases and their isotopic ratios. I am interested in using these measurements to constrain the sources and biogeochemical cycling of methane in the Arctic and sub-Arctic Pacific, to better understand the ocean’s effect on our atmospheric budget of methane.

Yayla Sezginer For my research, I use Chlorophyll fluorescence measurements to monitor marine primary productivity and phytoplankton physiology.

Simin Kheradmand My research focuses on the estimation of oxygen in the ocean based on Argo float data.

Anran Xu My research applies machine learning to Geophysics problems such as DCIP data classification and GPR data pre-processing.

Simin Kheradmand

Estimation of oxygen in the NE Pacific based on Argo Float data

Christina Eunjin Kong Marine phytoplankton play a pivotal role in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and thus in regulating Earth’s carbon cycle. These single-celled photosynthetic organisms convert vast quantities of carbon dioxide into organic biomass, which is sequestered into the deep ocean through the so-called Ocean Biological Carbon Pump (OBCP). My research focuses on understanding the […]

Lauryn Talbot My research investigates the performance of an Oceans and Fisheries Canada numerical ocean model relative to fine scale glider observations in a defined region. Investigating salt and heat budgets, mesoscale variability and Haida eddie events shown by the Coastal Ice Ocean Prediction System for the West Coast of Canada (CIOPS-W) model in comparison to […]

Charles Hayden Amidon My research concerns the measurement of oxygen using a fleet of autonomous ARGO floats. Oxygen optodes are the most prevalent sensor for electronic O2 measurements, and can provide high quality data. These sensors, however, are subject to calibration drift both pre- and post- deployment. My work aims to find better sampling methods with these […]

Rebecca Rust My research focuses on biogeochemical cycling, with an emphasis on understanding the processes controlling methane and nitrous oxide cycles in marine ecosystems.

Becky Brooks I am working on the implementation of rogue wave prediction and forecasting rip current strength into the Wave Watch 3 (WW3) regional model.

Jamie Daniel My research consists of field observations of waves off the west coast of Vancouver Island, with the goal of developing and implementing a prediction system for rip currents into the current regional wave model.

Sacchidanandan Pillai My work focuses on using ship-board hyperspectral optical data to infer phytoplankton community composition and biogeochemical variables (C:Chl, DMS).

Cassidy Donaldson

I study the impact of freshwater from small and medium rivers on the physical, biological, and chemical oceanography of the Salish Sea using a high-resolution 3D numerical model called SalishSeaCast. An enhanced understanding how these rivers influence the region’s dynamics will not only lead to better real-time modelling capabilities, but also facilitate forecasting of climate-induced […]

Becca Beutel I use models to track where in the Pacific Ocean the water that reaches the Salish Sea (the semi-enclosed sea that Vancouver, Victoria, and Seattle are situated on the coast of) comes from, and how a changing climate might alter these dynamics. The sources of water to the region have huge implications for the […]

Neil Brubacher My research leverages machine learning techniques to automate the interpretation of satellite and aerial imagery, with operational applications to sea ice mapping and marine mammal surveying. In collaboration with the Arctic Eider Society, a primary focus of my research has been the detection of landfast-ice polynyas in SAR imagery to help support safe on-ice […]

Nazanin Shamshiri I am currently doing my master’s at UVic and a member of the PRODIGY (Pacific Rim Ocean Data Mobilization and Technology) based at UBC. My research involves a design study with a focus on Information Visualization systems with partners from Fishery Oceans Canada. I am interested in Human-Computer Interaction and designing digital and tangible […]

Claire Parrott I am a masters student studying glacier-ocean interactions in the Canadian Arctic using both oceanographic observations as well as a high resolution sea ice-ocean model of the Arctic and Northern Hemisphere Atlantic ocean. My work provides understanding on how glacier meltwater is altering ocean structure near marine-terminating glaciers and how glacially-derived freshwater is contributing […]